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The extra cash you have at closing is your biggest benefit. You may also derive some satisfaction knowing that you are capable, intelligent, & savvy enough to sell your own house & save lots of money.

If you've ever sold real estate in the past and used a broker, you know how large those realtor commissions are, just check your closing statement. What might seem like a small percentage is actually much more after factoring in mortgage payoff, seller-paid points, and other taxes and fees. In fact, that commission is as big or bigger than anything else. It's a big TAX, siphoned away from your net proceeds.

One example: Your home sells for $200,000; You owe $100,000 on the mortgage & your "agent" is asking for 6%.That means you will net: $200,000 - ($200,000 X .06) - $100,000 = $88,000.

That "innocent" 6% expense is really 10%, directly from your net proceeds, after you pay your mortgage loan. Factor in seller-paid points, taxes and transfer fees, and your expense is EVEN MORE. You're walking away from closing with far less that you could.

Another example: Let's say you don't owe a penny on your house, it's all paid for, and you're looking to move to a smaller place (maybe a townhouse or condo, so somebody else can do the upkeep). Your $200,000 house will net you $185,000 after all the fees if a full-cost realtor has your listing. $15,000, they'll say, is a small fraction for the "peace of mind". HOGWASH.

In our book, $15,000 dollars is still a fair chunk of change. How many months of Medicare insurance would that cover? Wouldn't that be nice to put toward your grand kids' college tuition? What about travel? Would you be able to pay for airfare, car rental, gas, a nice hotel, and a few dinners on that $15-grand? It sure would do you more good to put that dough in YOUR pocket rather than pay somebody for "peace of mind".

Selling your home is not Rocket Science IF you know what to do. Our system pulls back the curtain and reveals the simplicity of selling your own home, regardless of current market conditions. If it's priced right, and marketed properly, your odds of selling your home yourself are every bit as good as a full-commission agent, for thousands less.

By using our service, here's how your home sale could go (similar home value assumptions as above apply):

For example: Your home sells for $200,000; You owe $100,000 on the mortgage, & you use the Basic SoldMyOwnHome Homeseller Package.That means you will net: $200,000 - $249 - $100,000 = $99,651, an increase of $11651, all going directly into YOUR pocket (feathering your own nest, for YOU to use as you see fit).

Got questions? Click on the Feedback link and send us an email directly. We'll address your questions right away. Thanks again, we hope to be able to help you keep more of your money on your next real estate sale.

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Selling your home is easier than you think. 
Our "SoldMyOwnHome" kit helps you get more $$$ 
in your pocket. 

It's your equity, how can you make sure you keep it? 
Use a "SoldMyOwnHome" kit & keep what's yours today. 
Got questions? Call us directly at 612-865-6525. We'll answer your 
questions right away. We can help you keep more of your money. 
It's so easy to do.

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