We do what 'They' are SCARED to do.

What separates US from them:

1)  Commissions.  The holy grail of real estate brokerage.  Undeniably, they cannot make dollar 1,
nor come close to affording 3-carat rings, lease payments on H2's and Mercedes, or annual golf
vacations without YOUR money.  Commissions come from YOUR MONEY.

2)  The Broker-Agent Relationship. In theory, the agent works for the broker, the broker works
for you.  The reality is the broker is desperately trying to retain the agent (especially if the agent
is one of the 10-15% of all agents who actually generate business and close deals;  they're the
source of Commissions).  Therefore, the agent is calling the shots, and nothing is going to stand
in the way of earning commissions, and keeping the lion's share of them.

3)  Value VS Performance.  A sale today results in about the same commission percentage paid 
15 years ago, even though incredible advances in technology have dramtaically cut the effort 
needed to make the sale.  The home that sold for $100,000 and produced a 7% commission ($7000)
in 1992 now sells for $250,000 (or much more) and produces a 6% commission ($15000) even though
it takes the same (and even less) effort to make the sale.  Technology is supposed to lower the prices
on services, not hold them steady or even increase them.  Real estate commissions are not consistent
with other similar service sectors.  (Anybody who trades stocks knows this instantly.  Commission
rates on stock purchases have dropped dramatically since new technologies have come online).

4)  Large company investments.  Over the last 5 years more independent real estate brokers have
sold their businesses to large national real estate companies.  What was once 'Blue Sky Realty' is
now 'ReMAX - Blue Sky Realty' or 'Coldwell Banker Blue Sky'.  These companies count on future earn-
ings from commissions to pay for their purchase of local market share.  

5)  Too Many Agents.  So many new agents have come into the business over the past 5 years 
that most of the large offices have had an endless flow of eager new agents willing to 'contact 
their circle of influence' (meaning their adult family members, relatives, friends, and acquaintances).
This was done mainly to fill the contact databases of these large firms.  Regardless of whether that
new agent would actually last more than 6 months in the business, the firms still got their contact
lists expanded.  Why risk that by promising anything less than the opportunity for 'full commissions'?

6)  Too Many Agents - Part2.  More agents means more offices, more managers, more training, and
higher insurance costs (Errors and Omissions insurance claims are up as more agents means more 
incidents of liablities associated with poor service, fraud, and lack of broker supervision on loose-
cannon agents).  Offices, managers, and training programs are an expense that needs to be managed
very closely by the large national brokers.  As commission revenue tails off, expenses will be cut 
proportionately.  Guess who suffers?

7)  Too Many Agents - Part3.  Still winding down, but still far to go.  Recently several branch offices
of very large residential real estate offices have closed.  It was overdue.  What's too bad is that a
number of these marginal agents have landed at other large offices, where they will, once again, help
load their databases with contacts from their 'circle of influence'.  Others have found refuge in much
smaller offices that offer the 'part-time' agent an opportunity to keep their license active for a small
fee (sometimes referred to in the business as 'putting one's license on ice').  It's as if putting a real
estate license into cold storage is OK, and that agent can somehow take it out (defrost it?), and be
a viable professional at a later date.  These soon-to-be ex-agents need to check out Monster.Com.

8)  Incredible value at every opportunity.  We go way beyond the standard or even deluxe listing
programs offered by 'full-commission' real estate companies.  With advanced technologies via web and
telecommunications, plus a full integration of tried and proven marketing tactics, we deliver so much
value to our clients they can't believe they're able to do what used to take thousands for less than
$500.  We put it together and organize it so it delivers the most value of any FSBO program going.

You get the satisfaction you can say, "I 

Sold My Own Home

and saved a ton of money in the process!"  Good luck, you can do it!