What's the BIG Deal?

Here are the main points to selling a home:

1)  Prepare your home to show.  This means CLEAN the home and garage (if there is one)
THOROUGHLY!  Nobody will get interested in a messy house.  The money you pay for professional
house cleaning and even staging will reward you.  Don't cut this corner.  Presentation is the key
to sucessfully showing your home.

2)  Call your city / municipal offices. You must determine if any special documentation is required 
to sell your house.  Such documents as Truth-In-Housing or similar documents that require 
the seller to FULLY DISCLOSE ALL MATERIAL ASPECTS OF THEIR HOME may be required by your 
local unit of government.  Don't fear this.  It's a great way for you to address any little issues 
that might come up as you get your home ready to sell.  Be sure to fix things that bring your home
up to all required codes, if applicable, and you'll be confident once the buyer's inspector calls. 

3)  Buy the 'SoldMyOwnHome' Kit.  Setup the yard sign, take a couple photos of your neat and 
clean home, send them to us, then let us get your online marketing campaign up and running.  We 
setup the special web address and email for people to contact.  We make all links and establish 
all online resources to advertise your property.  We help identify local contacts for 
Title Company services, inspections, and other resources to help you get your home ready for sale.

4)  Enlist the services of a Title Company.  They will hold earnest money checks, escrowed funds, 
and ultimately take care of the final sale and closing for your home sale.

5)  Show your house.  Always do this WITH somebody; a male relative or friend, a trusted co-
worker or neighbor.  Don't do this alone.  If someone calls or emails with interest to see the property,
ask them if they're coming along with a real estate agent or alone.  Either way, call them back to
set the appointment only after you have secured the attendance of another person who can be with
you.  They are simply there to be with you, and should defer any questions to you.  The prospective 
buyer will ask you questions about your home.  Stick to the facts.

6)  Take the best offer.  When someone makes you an offer that's acceptable to you, collect their
earnest money check (and be sure it's a substantial amount, over $1000), made out to the Title
Company, and send it to the Title Company with a note stating your name, address, and account.

7)  Allow inspection and appraisal people access to your home.  These people will verify that
everything associated with the home passes inspection and the property will qualify for the loan
the buyers are seeking to secure to make the purchase.  Again, if you can be in the home WITH 
somebody you know, this will be easier and more comfortable for you to do.

8)  Address any outstanding issues.  If additional items need to be addressed, decide if they are
best handled with a handyman or a monetary credit to the buyer.  

9)  Set a Closing Date.  Get a closing date that's as soon as the buyer can allow.  If they're already
pre-qualified for a loan (that is, they are already working with a mortgage agent and they have the
financing package in place to buy a property priced like your's), they can close quickly, barring any
conditions they may have.  Closing as quickly as possible may benefit the buyer, but will most
certainly benefit you the seller.  When the closing date arrives, make sure you bring your bank 
information with you so the closing agent can direct the proceeds directly to your account.  You 
walk out, your money safely deposited, and the satisfaction you can say, "I 

Sold My Own Home

and saved a ton of money in the process!"  Good luck, you can do it.