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Attention Seniors & Retirees

Sell Your Home for Just $219

When faced with the decision to sell your property, which you may have owned for decades, you'd like to retain as much of the money you get for it as you can.

Retirement is getting more expensive. Prescription medications, Medicare insurance, and even fuel costs aren't getting any cheaper. You must keep all that you've worked your whole life to attain.

SoldMyOwnHome.Com can provide you with the tools and tips to help you keep more money when you sell your home. Selling your own home is NOT difficult, dangerous, or terribly complex.

A special note to adult children who have to take care of selling the home: Don't give away your parents' hard-earned equity. They're going to need it:

  • For health insurance and elderly care expenses

  • For their grand children's college funds

  • For their enjoyment in travels and retirement

  • For any emergency

Sold My Own Home is a Fee-for-Service offering to homeowners from Fox Real Estate Group, one of the fastest-growing real estate firms in Minnesota. We decided to enter the residential real estate market and do some things a little differently. Instead of fighting those big "full-commission" companies or try the lowball / low service angle with 5%, 2%, or even 1% (honestly!) commissions, we thought the public would prefer to take control, lower the costs of selling their own home, and keep more money at closing.

And that's definitely the national trend.

Many prominent agents who have been successful with the traditional commission-based firms are switching to the fee-based business model. They know the old, commission-based real estate services model is dying fast (if not dead already).

Buying Decisions Begin with ONLINE Search

More people use the internet for their initial search. The "marketing" is done by local listing services, yard signs with flyers, and an occasional Open House. The same things done 10 years ago that cost 7% of the typical list price (or about $10,500) should not cost any more today. But 6% or even 5% of today's list is closer to $22,000. If anything, the true costs of marketing a home by the most effective methods is about the same, or even less. As a consumer, you should be able to have the benefits of those lower costs.

You get lower-cost benefits with SoldMyOwnHome.Com

For a list of the features & services we provide under our Senior's Basic Service plan, Go HERE to see the details.

We offer all the tools: Signs, MLS Listing, forms, online sell-sheets for your Info Box, Unique phone number to retrieve messages, and lots of Marketing Ideas. Once you get through our SoldMyOwnHome Primer, you'll be well-prepared to sell your property.

What's the difference between using SoldMyOwnHome, a "full-service" agent, a "discount" agent, and one of the sell-it-yourself outfits? We're glad you asked.

  • The "full-service" agent "takes it all off your hands", including that large fee. (And that's how the lease payments on the fancy cars are made; your money).

  • The "discount" agent does less than what the "full-service" agent does and drives a lesser car (and you still end up making their lease payment)

  • The typical sell-it-yourself outfits make you visit their office for the kit, then sell you sign and standard contract materials, and bids you "good luck", never to be seen again.

We provide essential tools to help you sell your own home (Signs, MLS Listing, forms, sell-sheets, Marketing Ideas, the highly informative SoldMyOwnHome Primer, unique web address, unique Phone number, and email response system, plus our time and our expertise). We won't abandon you to try to figure out how to market your house and we won't try to carve a huge chunk out of your hide to help you when you need it. It's still about service.

Ready to get going? Click HERE to access our feedback form and you'll be ready in no time to Sell Your Own Home and Save Money.

About Fox Real Estate Group:
National Association of REALTORS, Minnesota Association of REALTORS, Minnesota Commercial Association of REALTORS, St. Paul Area Association of Realtors, and the Regional Multiple Listing Service (RMLS) of Minnesota.

Selling your home is easier than you think. Our "SoldMyOwnHome" kit helps you closewith more $$$ in your pocket. It's your equity, how can you make sure you keep it? Use a "SoldMyOwnHome" kit & keep what's yours today.

Got questions? Call us directly at 612-865-6525. We'll answer
your questions right away. We can help you keep more of
your money. It's so easy to do.

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