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Our Service is comprised of several parts. These important parts will work as a whole to help you reach your goal, to allow you to proudly say, 'I Sold My Own Home'.

Staging - also known as the essential 'de-cluttering', where you simply clean up, clean out, and arrange each and every room in your home to help make your overall impression to the prospective buyer as positive as possible. Renting a storage locker for things you can't part with, but must move out, is one strategy. Think minimal, but not bare. This allows prospective buyers to see a normal setting, but also visualize their furniture in the space.

Floor plan - something that helps prospective buyers see how the whole home lays out, how rooms flow in to each other, and some idea of size (and maybe scale). Having a floor plan on your home site is invaluable for sparking interest.

Photo Shoot - having good photos shot in proper lighting allows your property to be shown the right way, on the web and on sell sheets. Nothing turns a buyer off quicker than crummy photos, even if it's a 'nice' property. You know what they say about '1st impressions'?

Inspections - get an inspection right away to nip those must-fix projects early. You're getting your house ready to sell, meaning you expect someone to buy it. Would you buy a basket of 'fix-it projects'? How much would you have to discount? Get it done so you know what you must fix.

Broker Tour - invite brokers and agents who have sold homes in your area to tour your house. Tell them you're selling it yourself, but if they can produce a qualified buyer and the result is a successful closing that is mutual to both buyer and seller, then you can offer them some percentage (whatever is the common 'buyer-broker' commission, usually 1/2 or less of the prevailing commission they will vigorously request for a full commission rate). This puts your property on the radar, brings attention (some of which is good), and might bring a buyer. More on this can be read on a separte page in this site (aptly titled 'Broker Tour').

Neighbor Open House - the day after (or before) you invite the Brokers and Agents, you might want to invite the neighbors in for an Open House. One of your neighbors just might have a friend who'd be interested in moving into the neighborhood. It can be that easy.

Brochure / Sell Sheet - This is one of the places where you can make a positive impact, during open houses, broker tours, and even posting around your area. Carbon copies are tacky, black and white doesn't tell the story, and too wordy is a negative. A professional layout doesn't have to cost an arm and an leg, and it can make a big impact. Don't shy from color, glossy, and simply stated.

Priced Right - Get an appraisal. A professional appraiser is going to have the latest market data for similar homes in your immediate area, allowing you to price you home to fit the market, which will shorten the time it takes to sell. Overpriced will do you no good. Be realistic, price it right.

Sold My Own Home is the Fee-for-Services division of Fox Real Estate Group, one of the fastest-growing real estate firms in Minnesota. We decided to enter the residential real estate market and do some things a little differently. Instead of fighting 1000's of agents trying to get to 6%, 5%, 2%, or even 1% commissions (seriously, it's come to this, but not without a TON of restrictions!), we thought the public would prefer to take control, lower the costs of selling their own home, and keep more money at closing.

And that's definitely the national trend.

We offer all the tools: Signs, MLS Listing, forms, online sell-sheets for your Info Box, and lots of Marketing Ideas. Once you get through our SoldMyOwnHome Primer, you'll be well-prepared to sell your property.

For a list of services we provide under our Basic Service plan, Go HERE to see the details.

What's the difference between using SoldMyOwnHome, a "full-service" agent, a "discount" agent, and one of the sell-it-yourself outfits? We're glad you asked.

  • The "full-service" agent "takes it all off your hands", including that large fee. (And that's how the lease payments on the fancy cars are made; your money).

  • The "discount" agent does less than what the "full-service" agent does and drives a lesser car (and you still end up making their lease payment)

  • The typical sell-it-yourself outfits make you visit their office for the kit, then sell you sign and standard contract materials, and bids you "good luck", never to be seen again.

We provide essential tools to help you sell your own home (Signs, MLS Listing, forms, sell-sheets, Marketing Ideas, the highly informative SoldMyOwnHome Primer, unique web address, unique Phone number, and email response system, plus our time and our expertise). We won't abandon you to try to figure out how to market your house and we won't TAX you in the form of excessive commissions just to help you when you need it. It's still about service.

Ready to get going? Click HERE to access our feedback form and you'll be ready in no time to Sell Your Own Home and Save Money.

About Fox Real Estate Group:
Member: NAR and other Realtor Associations.

Selling your home is easier than you think. Our "SoldMyOwnHome" kit
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Got questions? Call us directly at 612-865-6525. We'll answer
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your money. It's so easy to do.

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