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Be in Control and Don't Worry

As a seller, you may have a specific time frame for getting your property sold. But in today's climate, it may take a bit more than just putting a sign in the front yard. Gone are the days of bidding wars. Your home needs to appeal to a buyer's sense of romance, harmony, privacy and peace.

Take stock of your situation to see if there is something extra you can do to increase a potential buyer's interest and motivate them to choose your home over any other. Increasingly, home stagers are being used to appeal to a buyer's emotions. But you can take a page from their book of tricks.

De-clutter, remove personal items and fix everything that is broken. You know that your house should be as spotless as possible, so before heading out for the day, walk through your home and make sure everything is in order. You'll especially want to check the kitchen and bathrooms. Keep a spray cleaner and cloth handy for quick touch ups. Hang up clothes, straighten the towels on the rack and make sure the dishes are in the dishwasher. Take the trash out each morning to prevent unpleasant smells that might build up.

For showings, nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cookies in the oven. Set the dining room table with fine linens and china. Add fresh-cut flowers and candles to suggest an intimate dinner party. Continue the setting with champagne chilling in a bucket on a small bistro table on the patio or garden. Two glasses, pretty napkins and a throw on one of the chairs suggests a lovely respite. Light the fireplace and place a bed table on the master bed all set up for morning coffee.

There's little you can do about interest rates, the stock market or how many other homes are for sale at the same time. Stay positive and focused and keep the communication lines open with your agent. If your home is priced right and nicely presented, you will increase your opportunities. (C)PropertySource Network-2006

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We'll talk to you about what you want, how our service can help, what it costs, what you do, and HOW YOU BENEFIT. Don't delay, call TODAY.

Back to Reality?

Recently an article appeared in the local paper, quoting a long-time real estate executive on the status of the real estate market. In it, she mentioned that the market has indeed changed and is becoming less and less a seller's market. Sellers now will have to revisit some of the strategies they used before the recent run-up to get their home sold.


Nowhere in the article does it mention anything about what the AGENT has to do to help the seller sell their house. So if the agent can simply hang a sign in the yard, post the property in the local MLS, and hold an occasional open house or two, then they've "done their job"? And for all that stellar work, are they still looking for 5%, 6%, or even 7%? Was she just kidding?

Some of the "advice" included seller funding, specifically helping the buyer to get a lower mortgage rate by a temporary buy-down. OK, help the mortgage broker, too. That's also an interesting approach. Using YOUR money, of course.

In a nutshell, the real estate executive advocated home sellers to reach into their pockets to sell their home, without mentioning any discount in the fees her agents still expect on the transaction. It will cost a home owner even more to simply sell their house, if they choose to list with a realtor (what we call a Full Cost alternative).

Our program is designed to give you a flat fee (Simple Cost) to sell your home. Instead of the unclear nature of commissioned agency, we offer an easy to compute single-fee approach that allows you to know in advance very accurately what your net proceeds will be when your home sells. We're much more interested in helping your increase your gain on the sale of your home than take you back to someone else's real estate "reality".

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We'll talk to you about what you want, how our service can help, what it costs, what you do, and HOW YOU BENEFIT. Don't delay, call TODAY.

Don't believe everything you hear.

Recent well-funded advertising campaigns having been popping up on TV, radio, and in print, warning consumers of the "dangers" of selling their own home. Everything from paperwork nightmares to Open House scares.

It's a classic case of ignorance breeding fear. By NOT giving consumers information about how to empower themselves to manage their own home sale, these mis-information campaigns are using fear to try to convince people that the best & only way to sell their house is to sign that listing agreement. That's a shame.

We think it's better to give people enough information to allow them to make an intelligent decision, not based on primal emotion but sound financial sense and confidence.

What would you want to do, be bullied into "taking the less painful route"? Or would you rather have all the details, know what steps you can take, understand how they impact your financial well-being, and then decide?

We'll let the unfortunate ad campaign continue their message of fear and lack of meaningful information. It's easy to sell by triggering pain.

We prefer to appeal to your sense of strength. Strength from knowing what to expect, how to get it, and doing it. There's a lot of power in being able to say, " I know how this works and I'm going to do it!", then getting it done.

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We'll talk to you about what you want, how our service can help, what it costs, what you do, and HOW YOU BENEFIT. Don't delay, call TODAY.



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